77/77A StagePath


From Easter through to late Autumn Stagecoach's fabulous Honister Rambler bus service orbits the North-Western Fells, lying to the south-west of Keswick - with buses running both clockwise and anti-clockwise. A journey that links lovely villages and amazing mountain valleys by high mountain passes. By Braithwaite and the Whinlatter Forest Park, High Lorton and Crummock Water to Buttermere, climbing beneath Honister Crag to the impressive hause at the Honister Mine. Heading on down into the mountain sanctuary of upper Borrowdale to Seatoller, it weaves on by Rosthwaite and through the enchanting Jaws of Borrowdale to Grange-on-Borrowdale. Turning at Grange to run above the the western shore of Derwent Water to reach Portinscale completing its majestic tour back in Keswick. All the way the passenger is treated to fabulous scenery, scenery that now can be walked in harmony with the bus, bus stop by bus stop, on this the third StagePath in Stagecoach's Lakeland repertoire.

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 Whiteless Pike

Whiteless Pike and the Rannerdale Wood bluebells

Haymeadow Vale of Lorton

Dog-rose beside Vale of Lorton haymeadow, with Dodd on Whiteside in the background

 path to Wood House

Path from Buttermere Hause to Buttermere

Honister Rambler bus

Honister Rambler bus at Honister Hause

Two buses

77 and 77A leaving Whinlatter Forest Park

HR at Buttermere

Honister Rambler bus in Buttermere village

HR at Booths

Honister Rambler bus waiting for the off at Keswick bus terminal beside Booths supermarket

Grisedale Pike

Grisedale Pike from Greta Bridge

Beech hedge in Portinscale

Beech hedge-lined path leading out of Portinscale

Ullock Farm

Causey Pike and Barrow from the path to Ullock Farm


Old Cumberland County Council signpost in the middle of Braithwaite

Ivy House Hotel

Green-painted Ivy House Hotel in Braithwaite


Coledale from immediately above Braithwaite, featuring Outerside, Sail and Eel Crag

Footpath from Hope Camp

Footpath from Hope Camp

Track by Masmill Beck

Forest track rising by Masmill Beck

Masmill forest track

Higher up the same forest track beside Masmill Beck

Whinlatter Pass

Whinlatter Pass from above Hobcarton Plantation, with Latrigg overtopped by Great Mell Fell in the background

Forest track by Whinlatter Gill

Forest track beneath Hobcarton End

Whinlatter Gill

Forest track leading down by Whinlatter Gill, beneath Hobcarton End

C2C sign

Sign at the Hopebeck junction

Picking blackberries

Picking blackberries in the lane above Scales, High Lorton

Lane to High Swinside

Green lane to High Swinside


Fellbarrow looking across the Vale of Lorton

Carling Knott

Carling Knott form the bridle-path beside the intake wall


Whiteside and Whin Ben from Lanthwaite Green

Crummock Water shore

Path leading along the shore of Crummock Water towards Rannerdale Knotts, with Red Pike to the right

Rannerdale Knotts

Rannerdale Knotts seen from the Cinderdale Common path

Whiteless Pike and the bluebells

Whiteless Pike rising above the blue heavenly scented carpet in the open Rannerdale Wood


Bluebells in Rannerdale

Looking back along the track in Rannerdale

The bluebells of Rannerdale Wood looking back to Crummock Water

Yet more bluebells

You just can't get enough of them can you? The bracken will come soon enough to suffocate them for another year


Grasmoor form Buttermere Hause

heading to Buttermere

Wood House in its majestic setting overlooking Crummock Water

Buttermere from High Snockrigg

Buttermere village from High Snockrigg - looking down on the StagePath

Fish Hotel

Walkers stride from the bus stop to Buttermere lake's south shore path

High Stile

High Stile from Buttermere, with the heather in full bloom

Haystacks across Buttermere

Haystacks and the Warnscale valley from the shore path near Hassness

High Crag

High Crag and Burtness Comb from the Hassness shore of Buttermere

Across Buttermere

Haystacks and High Crag from across Buttermere

Fleetwith Pike

Fleetwith Pike from the Buttermere north shore path


Haystacks from the head of Buttermere


Fleetwith Pike and Low Raven Crag from Gatesgarth Farm

Approaching Warnscale

Haystacks from the track into the Warnscale valley

Slate quarrymen's trail

Slate quarrymen's trail from Warnscale to Dubs

Quarry trail

Two walkers on the winding trail above Warnscale

Fleetwith Pike above the quarry trail

Quarrymen's trail and Warnscale Beck

Fleetwith Pike

Quarrymen's trail and Fleetwith Pike from Green Crag

Paved trail

Well-paved trail coming up to Dubs Quarry

Haystacks from Dubs Quarry

Haystacks from Dubs Quarry

Incline at Dubs

Walled incline immediately above Dubs Quarry

Incline eases over Fleetwith to Drum House

Incline levels approaching Drum House

Site of Drum House

Site of Drum House on the brow of Fleetwith

Incline to Honister Hause

Incline to Honister Mine and Hause

Honister Hause form Seatoller Common

Honister Hause and the mine tracks and complex from Seatoller Common

Rosthwaite Cam

Rosthwaite Cam from the old toll road


Coming down the old toll road towards Seatoller

Johnny's Wood

Borrowdale from Johnny's Wood below Seatoller

Rosthwaite Cam from the Glaramara Centre

Rosthwaite Cam from adjacent to the Glaramara Outdoor Centre

meadow path leading to the River Derwent

Meadow path leading to the River Derwent

Chain via ferrata on the path to Longthwaite YH

Chain via ferrata on the path to Longthwaite YH

The sturdy cobbled New Bridge spanning the River Derwent

The sturdy cobbled New Bridge spanning the crystal waters of the River Derwent

Path leading into the exquisite Jaws of Borrowdale

Path leading into the exquisite Jaws of Borrowdale

River Derwent in the depths of the Jaws

River Derwent at the heart of the Jaws of Borrowdale

Open wood-shaded bend in the Derwent

Open wood-shaded bend in the Derwent beneath King's How

Castle Crag

Castle Crag from the meadows by Hollows Farm, Grange-in-Borrowdale

By-road at Manesty

By-road at Manesty

Serpentine trail by Great Bay looking to Castle Crag

Serpentine trail by Great Bay looking to Castle Crag

Keswick Launch

Keswick Launch speeding on the High Brandelhow Jetty, backed by Blencathra

High Brandelhow Jetty

High Brandelhow Jetty

King's How

King's How from the upper trail below Catbells

Terrace trail beneath Catbells

Terrace trail beneath Catbells looking to Skiddaw

Walpole seat

Sir Hugh Walpole Memorial seat overlooking Derwent Water

Terrace trail below Skelgill Bank

Terrace trail below Skelgill Bank

Derwent Water

Blencathra from the terrace trail near the end of Skelgill Bank

Skelgill Bank

Looking back to Skelgill Bank, with two cheery walkers bound for Portinscale


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