STAGE 1 Windermere > Brockhole


NORTHBOUND walk description pdf (print-out)

SOUTHBOUND walk description pdf (print-out)

Windermere Hotel

Windermere Hotel above the Station

Bare glacially smoothed rock on top of Orrest Head

Orrest Head

The Roman Road at Near Orrest

The Roman Road at Near Orrest - scene of a Viking battle?

field-path to Far Orrest

Field-path to Far Orrest

Beyond Far Orrest

Bridleway beyond Far Orrest

Footbridge over Trout Beck

Footbridge over Trout Beck

Trout Beck

Trout Beck in January

Town Foot, Troutbeck

Town Foot, Troutbeck

Bank-barn in Wain Lane

Westmorland bank-barn in Wain Lane


Brockhole Visitor Centre... might there be time for a cuppa?


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