8 Waterhouses


Waterhouses Old Station bike hire centre

Waterhouses Old Station cycle hire centre

Embarking on the Track off the main road in Waterhouses

Summer dry Hamps and the Manifold Track

Summer dry Hamps

Summer dry Hamps after a sudden storm

Beeston Tor

Beeston Tor and the summer dry River Manifold at the stepping stones

Beeston Tor form the Weag's Barn bank

Beeston Tor from the path to Weag's Barn

What's he doing?

What's he doing? You ask him, no, you ask him!

Field-barn above Weag's Barn

Field-barn above Weag's Barn

Farm track to Sauces Farm

Farm track to Saucefields

Waterfall Low

Cauldon Low and the massive limestone works from Lamber Low

Lamber Low

Waterfall Low from Lamber Low

Vertical bedding plane Brown End Quarry Geological Trail

Steep bedding plane Brown End Quarry Geological Trail
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