22 Calton Pastures


Weir Wye Chatsworth

Weir in the Wye Chatsworth Park

Chatsworth House

Approaching Chatsworth House and the weir contained water of the Wye


Edensor state village street looking to the Hunting Tower above Chatsworth House

Edensor street scene

Further view of the street in Edensor beautifully focused upon the parish church

Russian Cottage

Russian Cottage

sheep being driven between pastures

Flock of Chatsworth sheep being driven onto Calton Pastures

shepherds at work

Shepherds at work on Calton Pastures

Looking back to Russian Cottage from the point of entry into Manners Wood

Russian Cottage from the entry point into Manners Wood

cattel above Rowsley

Friesian cows in pasture above Rowsley

Toiseshell butterfly on the Himalayan bolsam upstream of Rowsley

Tortoise-shell butterfly on the Himalayan balsam upstream of Rowsley

Sparkingly waters of the Wye

Sparkingly waters of the Wye

Lindop Wood

Lindop Wood
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