16 Cressbrook Dale


Wardlow well dressing

Wonderfully quirky Well Dressing at Wardlow

 drove lane into Cressbrook Dale from Wardlow

Drove lane from Wardlow into upper Cressbiook Dale

upper Cressbrook Dale

Grand sweep of upper Cressbrook Dale, looking to Litton

mid Cressbrook Dale

Looking across mid-Cressbrook Dale, the route follows the pasture bank by the woodland edge


The perilous edge of ravencliffe, watch your step should you follow the author's lead

Upper Cressbrook Dale

Upper Cressbrook Dale backed by Longstone Edge

Ravencliffe from within the dale

Warm evening sun glowing on Ravencliffe

Peter Stone

Peter Stone in uppper Cressbrook Dale

Jogger in upper Cressbrook Dale

Jogger in upper Cressbrook Dale, backed by Peter Stone

Wooded Cressbrook Dale

Cattle grazing above the wooded depths of mid-Cressbrook Dale
Mark Richards

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