10 Wye Dale


Blackwell Mill Cottages

Blackwell Mill Cottages

Chee Dale from above the mineral line

Chee Dale from above Blackwell Mill Cottages

Topley Pike Quarry

Topley Pike Quarry from the pasture's edge above Wye DaleMarl Dale
Chelmorton Low and Marl Dale from above the entrance to Topley Pike Quarry

Woo Dale

Woo Dale

Wye Dale

Wye Dale form the path to King's Sterndale

preaching cross King's Sterndale

Stump remains of preaching cross in King's Sterndale

Deep Dale

Path entering Deep Dale, looking towards the tree-masked entrance of Thurst House Cave

Entrance to Thurst House Cave

Yawning mouth of Thurst House Cave

Looking out of Thurst House

Shiny rocks within Thurst House Cave

Flora abundance Deep Dale

Wild flowers in abundance in Deep Dale

Rim of Deep Dale

Limestone crags on the rim of Deep Dale
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