1 Eldon Hill



From OLD DAM  6 km/3¾ miles    2½ hours

After-walk refreshment: Duke of Devonshire, on the main road in Peak Forest - not forgetting the Peak Forest Village Stores while it remains.

PARK: (GR 115796) This is not over-generous though thoughtful verge parking can be found in Chapel Lane leading to that part of the village known as Old Dam, as too on the pocket handkerchief of a green at Old Dam itself.

Eldon Hole was impressed on early tourists as one of the Seven Wonders of the Peak, it is a fearful chasm, plunging 75m/245ft into the dark bowels of Eldon Hill, a fatal fall for the incautious. The name Eldon Hill is a corruption of ‘Elves hill’ presumably these mischievous little folk inhabited this secretive den. The walk takes in the panoramic summit of Eldon Hill, a viewpoint that mercifully sees nothing of the massive limestone quarry on its northern flank. Striding over the limestone plateau the walk backtracks down Oxlow Rake, all the time witnessing the rake skeletons of surface lead extraction. This is a quiet country, in medieval times the hunting ground surviving in the village-name Peak Forest, greater in area than the present parish, extending over the entire plateau to Peveril Castle.


Old Dam

Perrydale Road, Old Dam

Sweetknoll, Eldon Lane

Sweetknoll, Eldon Lane

Eldon Hole

Eldon Hole - watch where you stand!

Peak Forest from Eldon Hole

Peak Forest form Eldon Hole

millstone on Eldon Hill

Millstone on Eldon Hill, Cook's Cairn in the background

Old Moor

Track at the top of Oxlow Rake on Old Moor

track by Oxlow Rake

Track leading down by Oxlow Rake
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