Cardunneth Pike


Newbiggin, Cardunneth Pike and Hespeck Raise from Castle Carrock

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Albyfield farmhouse

Cardunneth Pike from below

Cardunneth Pike from the lane below

Cumrew church

Cumrew parish church

Bluebell front door

A warm welcome assured from Malcolm and Jane at the Bluebell Inn

ascent from Newbiggin

Bridle-track ascending from Newbiggin

Lakeland from bridle track

The Lakeland Fells from the bridle-track above Newbiggin

shooting box

Grouse shooters' box and refreshment benches

kiln and butt

Collapsed lime kiln and skyline shooting butt

stalgatite in limekiln

Stalagtite inside the limekiln

grouse grit and cairn

Grouse feed grit and old cairn/butt on first ridge top

CP from ridge track

Cardunneth Pike from ridge track

window box butt

Window-box fronting shooting butt built into wall, with Cross Fell in the far distance

CP scarp edge

Approaching Cardunneth Pike along the scarp edge

Cardunneth Pike

Armstrong Cairn on Cardunneth Pike, built in 1993 by Chris Ritson of Askerton Castle, ably assisted by his son John, who mixed the cement!

The Lakes from CP

The Lakes from Cardunneth Pike

Criffel from CP

Criffel from Cardunneth Pike

Hespeck Raise

Tilted cairn on Hespeck Raise looking to Tarnmonath and Old Water

Cairn on descent to CC

Cairn on descent towards Castle Carrock

CC reservoir

Looking down on Castle Carrock reservoir, with the Solway Firth in the distance

Convex strata

Convex strata in carboniferous limestone, in an old quarry above Garth Head

limekilns above Tottergill

Double-chamber lime-kiln above Tottergill

Tottergill 1

Tottergill and the typical esker landscape beneath the Pennine fell scarp
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