Talkin Fell and Simmerson Hill from Jockey Shield

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approaching Jockey Shield

Talkin Fell from the approach road to Jockey Shield

Hynam Wood

The Monk's Trod in Hynam Wood

lane above Hynam Wood

Green lane above Hynam Wood

 fell pony and Talkin cairns

Fell pony with the Talkin Fell cairns on the skyline

The Greens

Tarnmonath Fell from The Greens

The Lakes from Talkin Fell

The Lakeland Fells from Talkin Fell - from Helvellyn, by the Scafells and Great Gable to Blencathra

Talkin Tarn from the fell

Talkin Tarn from the line of casual cairns on western brink of Talkin Fell

Cheviots from Talkin Fell

The Cheviot Hills from Talkin Fell

Squall from Talkin Fell

Squall over the Solway Firth from Talkin Fell


Classic view of Geltsdale from Talkin Fell, with The Greens cottage at the bottom of the view

Simmerson Hill

Talkin Fell from the scarp edge of Simmerson Hill

Geltsdale from Simmerson Hill

Geltsdale from the southern brink of Simmerson Hill

Round fold Simmerson Hill

Circular sheepfold on the southern slopes of Simmerson Hill

Greenway looking to Gairs

The lovely turf of the bridleway looking east to the ruins of the Gairs Colliery

The Greens cairn

Casual cairn beside the bridleway looking to Tarnmonath Fell

Hare smoot

Hare smoot - trap hole at base of wall

Mystery settlement site

Humble peat house foundations in unrecorded settlement site above the How Gill confluence

Binney Banks

Knotts Wood and Binney Banks from the incline track down to High Hynam

setting sun Geltsdale

Setting sun view from Geltsdale to Burnswark and the distant Lowther Fells, blotted by an alien turbine cluster


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