Hynam Bridge, The Gairs and Old Water from Jockey Shield

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Jockey Shield

Jockey Shield

Talkin Fell from Jockey Shield

Talkin Fell from Jockey Shield

Hynam Bridge

The River Gelt at Hynam Bridge (running a trickle in July)

High Hynam

High Hynam July 2009, with re-build about to begin

Hynam Shield

Hynam Shield across Geltsdale

old benchmark

Old horse-drawn colliery incline, see old benchmark arrow on rock in foreground


Nearing the top of the old incline

Horse rider on incline

Horse rider cresting the incline at a healthy trot


View of the King's Forest from the top of the incline

cairn and King's Forest

Looking to the King's Forest of Geltsdale

Geltsdale sheep

The last crop of lambs in Geltsdale July 2009, the valley is set to be cattle only from October

The Gairs

Approaching The Gairs, former gamekeeper's and shepherd's cottages

The Gairs 1

The Gairs backed by Tarnmonath Fell

Birch at The Gairs

Looking down How Gill from The Gairs

Gairs Colliery

Ruin at Gairs Colliery

Gairs level

Collapsed colliery entry level The Gairs

Colliery spoil

Colliery spoil and The Gairs cottages

Under Tarnmonath

Bridleway running beneath Tarnmonath Fell

Tarnmonath cloud

Cotton-wool cloud over Tarnmonath Fell

Round sheepfold

Round sheepfold close to Old Water, see the continuing bridleway leading on towards New Water

 round fold close-up

Sheepfold with gathering/bield wing, at the opposite side their is a further bield wing

Old Water Bridge

Old Water Bridge

Tarnmonath Fell and Old Water

Tarnmonath Fell and the Old Water valley

Herd of Galloways near Geltsdale Waterworks

Herd of Galloways under Binney Bank

Geltsdale House Farm

Geltsdale House Farm

Talkin and Simmerson fells

Talkin and Simmerson Fells from the Geltsdale House approach road



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