Tindale Fell and Cold Fell from Clesketts

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Track to Howgill via Tortie Cottage


Old colliery terrace of Howgill associated with the Venture Drift mine

Howgill terrace

Howgill colliery terrace

shelf track

Shelf track rising above Howgill

Bruthwaite Viewpoint

The Bruthwaite Forest Viewpoint, beside the continuing path to Cold Fell

outcrop on Tindale Fell

Outcrop passed on ascent of Tindale Fell

pockmarked outcrop

Pockmarked outcrop

Tindale Fell

Currick on tumulus, Tindale Fell

Howff on Tindale Fell

Howff cairn looking to Tindale Fell currick

old grouse butt on Tindale Fell

Old grouse butt above Tindale Fell

old grouse butt

Same butt looking south towards the peaty slopes of Cold Fell

seat cairn Cold Fell

Seat cairn near large fold beside fence to Cold Fell

summit of Cold Fell

Cold Fell summit tumulus and Joe Fotheringham memorial cairn

summit pool Cold Fell

Peaty pool on summit of Cold Fell 2007

summit pool 2009

Cold Fell 2009

west from Cold Fell

The westward heather trod to Brown Fell

The Lakes from Cold Fell descent

Panorama of the Lakeland Fells, as seen during the descent of Cold Fell towards Brown Fell

brink above Gairs

Brink cairn looking over the Gairs and Geltsdale


Descending to the Gairs Tramway

heather on Geltsdale flank

Looking back up to the brink cairn on descent to tramway

Gairs Colliery Tramway

Gairs Colliery Tramway looking to Tarnmonath Fell

biker on tramway

Biker heading for Howgill along colliery tramway

Tramway through bracken

Drawing closer to Howgill along the Tramway
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