Grey Knotts


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Grey Knotts from Dubs Bottom

Grey Knotts from Dubs Bottom

From Dubs Quarry

Grey Knotts from Dubs Quarry

Summit of Grey Knotts

The summit outcrop looking east to the east top outcrop, with Glaramara on the right-hand horizon

 East top of Grey Knotts

Looking east from the east top of Grey Knotts, with Glaramara prominent

Perched boulder on Grey Knotts

Perched boulder near the summit

Western top

The summit outcop from the ridge fence, backed by a misty Pillar

Approach from Brandreth

The ridge path approaching the summit from Brandreth

Raven Crag

Raven Crag (Gillercomb Buttress) from Base Brown

Raven Crag from Gillercomb

Raven Crag from the eastern flank of Brandreth

Gillercomb Slabs

Gillercomb Slabs at the top of Sour Milk Gill

Borrowdale Yews

Intimate detail of the Fraternal Four, the Borrowdale Yews

Seathwaite from the Wad Mines

Seathwaite from the Wad Mines

John Bankes Esq

Memorial to John Bankes Esq 1792, set midway up the bank among the Wad Mines

wad mine spoil

Spoil bank from the Wad Mines

Wad Mine

Inviting entrance to a Wad Mine level, beware only enter with a knowledgeable 'mine' host, unguarded shafts lurk within

Wad Mine level

Further level entrance, for all the verdent curtain this is still a dangerous place

Sheepfold on Seatoller Common

Sheepfold at the edge of Seatoller Common, looking to Honister Pass

Base Brown from Seatoller Common

Base Brown across Gillercomb as seen during the ascent of Seatoller Common

 Moses' Trod

Moses' Trod running across the western slopes of Grey Knotts

Looking down on Dubs Bottom

Looking down on Dubs Bottom from Moses' Trod

Dubs Bottom close up

Close-up view down on Dubs Bottom, notice the defiant central boulder

Dubs Bottom boulder

The defiant boulder at the heart of the Dubs Bottom basin, with Peter Burgess aloft

Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep, beware the stream flowing through Dubs Bottom. The name Dubs is the tell-tale clue to its depth

Close up of the Dubs Bottom stream

Clouds reflect and even a small vapour trail of an aircraft show on the surface of the deep stream of water flowing through Dubs Bottom
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