Great Gable


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Great Gable form St Olaf's

Great Gable from St Olaf's churchyard Wasdale Head

From the lane to Burnthwaite

Greart Gable from the vicinity of St Olaf's Church

From Burnthwaite Lane

Great Gable from the lane to Burnthwaite Farm

panbe of glass St Olaf's

Biblical extract a reminder of the power exerted by the fells on devotees

Great Gable from Kirk Fell

Great Gable from Kirk Fell

Black Sail Youth Hostel

Green and Great Gable from the Black Sail Hut

From Fleetwith Pike

Great Gable from Fleetwith Pike, with Scafell filling the void above Beck Head

Summit plaque

Summit plaque

Summit cairn

Summit of Great Gable

Breast route

Pitched section of Breast Route up an area of otherwise loose scree

Moses' Finger from below

Looking up to Moses' Finger from Gavel Neese

Moses' Finger

Looking down Gavel Neese into Wasdale from Moses' Finger

Climbing to Beck Head

Ascent to Beck Head from Gavel Neese

Wasdale Head

Wasdale Head from high on Gavel Neese

Kern Knotts

Kern Knotts

Kern Knotts close up

The south traverse comes under the great boulders beneath Kern Knotts

climber beneath Kern knotts

Feeding out the rope to the leader on a route up Kern Knotts, note the bare feet and open guidebook

Vapour trail from Napes Needle

TransaAtlantic aircraft's vapour trail emerging from the top of Napes Needle

Needle Gully

Looking up Needle Gully to the spire pinnacle of Napes Needle

Napes Needle from the Dress Circle

Napes Needle from the Dress Circle, with climber completing the first long pitch

first pitch completed

Climber becokoning for the second climber to start the opening pitch on Napes Needle

Overhanging cap of Napes Needle

Close up of the perilously overhanging cap of Napes Needle

Second climber on top of Napes Needle

Second climber reaches the top of Napes Needle in one pitch, ahead of the lead climber

Cat Rock from the south traverse

Cat Rock from the south traverse

Another view on the Cat Rock

Cat Rock in evening light

Sphinx Rock

Close up of the Cat Rock, from this profile it is understandably known as the Sphinx Rock

Little Hell Gate

Looking up through the 'gate' of Little Hell Gate to Westmorland Crags

Westmorland Crags

Westmorland Crags from the top of the Sphinx Ridge - no ordinary sheep pasture

View down Great Hell Gate

Great End in the background to this view down Great Hell Gate and onto Tophet Bastion

Westmorland Cairn

Westmorland Cairn, the classic view of Wasdale



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