Gavel Fell


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Black Crag from Thrushbank

Black Crag on Gavel Fell from High Thrushbank

Black Crag

Approaching the Highnook Tarn basin with Black Crag prominent

Black Crag from the edge of Holme Wood

Black Crag from the gallery track at the end of Holme Wood

Black Crag close up

Black Crag and Hen Comb from the fence-end to Holme Wood

Western aspect of the fell

Western slopes of Gavel Fell from the path to Fothergill Head

Gavel Fell from Hen Comb

Gavel Fell from the slopes of Hen Comb across Whiteoak Moss

Summit cairn of Gavel Fell

Summit of Gavel Fell, looking to Knock Murton

Summit cairn of Gavel

Summit cairn

Track from Kelton towards Godworth

Track from Cross Rigg, Kelton, leading to Godworth

Highnook Tarn

Highnook Tarn from the upper edge leading to Black Crag

Sheep on the western slopes

Above Croasdale Beck

Welcome to my world, a ewe standing on the drove track near Highnook Tarn

Welcome to my world, a ewe standing on the drove track near Highnook Tarn

Low Fell

Low Fell from the slope rising to the top of Black Crag

Fothergill Head ewes

A happy band of Rough Fell ewes near Fothergill Head

Floutern Cop

Floutern Cop from across Whiteoak Moss

Blake Fell from the ridge fence

Walkers striding alongside the ridge fence bound for Fothergill Head and, no doubt Blake Fell

Blake Fell

Cairn on the subsiduary top between Black Crag and the summit, a lovely grouse-inhabited heather moor
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