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B from Boat How

Brandreth from the Boat How traverse on Kirk Fell

B from Boat How

Brandreth from Boat How

Gillercomb face of Brandreth

The Gillercomb face of Brandreth

Approaching Gillercomb Head from Green Gable

Descending from Green Gabke towards Gillercomb Head

Summit of Brandreth

Herdwick ewe and lamb on the summit of Brandreth

Summit of Brandreth

Summit of Brandreth looking north

B summit

The Grasmoor fells from the summit of Brandreth

Tongue Beck

Mare's tail falls in Tongue Beck

Tongue Beck falls

Foot of the Tongue Beck falls

Brin Crag

Brin Crag from the Tongue ridge below Moses' Trod

Buttermere vale

The Buttermere vale from the ridge fence to Haystacks

Green Gable

Green Gable in dark profile from Brandreth

ridge fence to Haystacks

Ridge fence leading towards Haystacks and the High Stile range

Raven Crag

Raven Crag from the pathless ascent to Gillercomb Head

Bog myrtle in Gillercomb Head tarn

Bog myrtle in one of the Gillercomb Head tarns - during a light shower of rain
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