Base Brown


Summit PANORAMA click here to download and take with you on your walk

BB from Seathwaite Bridge

Base Brown from the dale road approaching Seathwaite Bridge

BB from Brandreth

Base Brown from Brandreth, with Glaramara overtopping

Base Brown from Gillercomb

Base Brown from the eastern flanks of Brandreth in Gillercomb

BB from the Wad Mines

Base Brown from Seathwaite Wad Mines

Summit cairn BB

Base Brown summit cairn

aslant ladder stile at Seathwaite

Aslant ladder-stile at the foot of Sour Milk Gill

Seathwaite Slabs

Seathwaite Slabs

Sour Milk Gill

Sour Milk Gill in free fall

Sour Milk Gill upper falls

Upper falls Sour Milk Gill

Seathwaite from Sour Milk Gill

Seathwaite Farm, with the fish farm, from Sour Milk Gill

Entry into Gillercomb

Base Brown at the entry into Gillercomb with a distinctive banded, ice-scoured outcrop

The Hanging Stone

The Hanging Stone

Close up on the Hanging Stone

The Hanging Stone from direectly beneath...!

Hanging Stone from above

The fallen boulders and the Hanging Stone from immediately above, notice the crack that spells the end-game, when ice gets to work and brings about the collapse. Let's hope no one is in the process of taking the preceeding photo!

Taylorgill Force

Taylorgill Force in Styhead Gill, a graceous cascade amid a landscaped setting - but what and where is Taylor Gill?

Scramble close to Taylorgill Force

The beginnings of the scramble section leading to the hand-gate and a fine view of Taylorgill Force

Above the hand-gate

Above the hand-gate the delightful scramble continues

Ridge path to Green Gable

The ridge path gently declines to meet the path out of Gillercomb to embark on the ascent of Green Gable, with the dome of Great Gable on the skyline


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