The Near Eastern Fells


Amazon review February 2009  4.0 out of 5 stars by Jack Aubery
If you like the fells and get enjoyment out of browsing through Wainwrights, walking mags.and maps, then you should like these 'Lakeland Fellranger' guide books by Mark Richards.  Reviewers of his 'Central Fells' book I feel have been over critcal.  This book gives superb panoramic views of the individual walks, which I think in a guide book of this nature would be a good reason to purchase. All the information is there if you look, it is well set out and informative.  At the beginning of each chapter the author supplies you with height and distance of each walk, which should give you some idea as to how long it will take. He does not suggest how long it may take, as we do not all go at the same pace, so correctly as far as I am concerned, he leaves this to your own judgement. If it has a slight fault, it is that the author describes the routes too off-hand, as if he is rushing through the directions that you begin to feel lost before you have started.  I would say that if you are going to do a walk using one of these books you definitely need an OS map in front of you.
Overall I like the 'Lakeland Fellranger' series and believe me they are worth it just for the photographs!


Below is a listing of each fell in the book with a downloadable summit panorama that you can take with you on your walk. Should you find any glaring omissions or mis-captioned detail then please do feel free to get in touch so that I can up-date the graphic.


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