The Far Eastern Fells


CUMBRIA (August 2013) review by editor Kevin Hopkinson

This final volume covering the Far Eastern Fells completes a fourteen-year odyssey for Richards who acknowledges that the “high plateau of personal fulfillment is tempered by the realisation that only now can the series’ intended purpose take root”. There is no danger it won’t, and is as likely to set the benchmark for the next two generations as his mentor Wainwright did in the second half of the last century. Incidentally, he covers 227 fells to AW’s 214 in the series, demoting five and adding new ones that Wainwright didn’t cover. Expect, and get, the usual detail, drawings, mapping, glossy photos, information and insight – plus the highly-useful panoramas of views from each summit, noting the shape and name of its neighbours. A worthy successor to the master.


Mark Richards

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