Hadrian's Wall Path


I am planning to completely re-fresh the guide in the not too distant future, with the thought of including a special section devoted of the Antonine Wall. The reason being that in July 2008 UNESCO elevated this northern isthmus to the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site and it now stands shoulder to shoulder with Hadrian's Wall in historic importance and relevance, if not visual impact.

A new updated version of the present guide will be going to press in September 2013.

Email received 11 July 2009

Hi Mark
         How are you?  I have been reading your diary, and it appears you have been having a wonderful time about and about. The photo's on your site are quite stunning. I have your book of Hadrian's wall (Cicerone) my friend (not Helen) and I are planning to walk it in August from East to West. I am reading your guide now to find as much information as I can to make sure we get this completed in the time we have available.  I will be using your guide to help us plan and walk the wall. I will lete you know how it goes. Keep up the excellent writing.
Regards,  Fi Robertson

(I met Fiona on Caw Fell - see the Outdoor Diary blog entry with the Isle of Man image)

Mark Richards

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