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march 02, 2019 03:29pm

0319Raven web.jpg

Last Tuesday was a stellar day for being on the high fells. For me that had to be Blencathra. Well I am preparing a little walking guide for Thelkeld with eight walks the purpose to support the businesses in the village, notably the Village Hall cafe. The regular bus service skipping from Penrith through by Keswick every hour and more makes for a hugely valuable device upon which to encourage people to forget their cars and come to the village and enjoy a complete day hill and vale engrossed in its wonderful setting and backdrop of fine fells. The attached photo, from the crest of Blencathra, was actually taken by a good friend Jeanette Moore. By happenchance we met after she had taken this glorious photo of the Lakeland fells ranged to the south...and the lone figure in the distance (far beyond the eye-catching raven) is me! What a day and I have to admit it was made all the moore (sic) special by meeting Jeanette.


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february 21, 2019 08:47am


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Great Mountain Days in the Lake District a hit in the States

january 24, 2019 03:50pm

0119Friar's Crag linescape lr.jpg

Paul Roberts from Boston, a proud new owner of my Cicerone guide to judge from this emailed note recieved today:

Your book is 100% perfect for my needs, and I am finding and considering new walks with my family that I would never have dreamed of previously. I’m an ex-pat living in the Boston area of the USA with a love for the Lake District that was formed in my teen years. These days any time that I get to spend in the Lakes area is now vastly diminished to what it used to be.

Last summer I took my young (teens) family over to the Lakes for our first holiday in the area. Thankfully they fell in love with the area the way I did with this beautiful part of the world. So after deciding to go back this coming summer we decided to do things differently and go our own way! I found your book in the Piccadilly Circus branch of Waterstones on Friday night and have been devouring it ever since. It’s clear and precise with both the descriptions and the maps and offers a fantastic wide range of walks to suit all skill levels. I really like the full colour photos which allows reader to get an idea of what to expect! My wife particularly likes the after-walk refreshment entries - she appreciates a good old English pub and any reason to visit one -  I think most Americans do!

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