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Hadrian's Wall reaches across the Atlantic

december 06, 2016 12:37am


Hadrian's High Way starts here...

november 28, 2016 09:45pm


Canadian outdoor writer visits Hadrian's Wall

september 30, 2016 09:37pm


I had the greatest of pleasure to introduce Yves Oullet and his wife Joanne from Quebec to the magic of Hadrian's Wall two weeks ago, specificaly to the National Trail. We walked from Birdoswald to Walltown with sun and a light breeze at our backs, so to confirm the best way to walk is always eastwards. It was a delightful a most entertaining wander, Yves has written some 40 books on the state of Quebec extolling its amazing outdoor and scenic qualities. Yves writes for a range of outdoor journals and newspapers in the French-speaking state and edits a travel magazine too. He interviewed me before we set off (as you can see in the photo) and I showed him some of the intimate detail of the fort. I stressed the importance of allowing oneself time to walk and visit the key sites and museums close to the Wall. My suggestion to him was to tell his audience to walk from Carlisle to Corbridge to get the best from their precious time in the vicinity of this remarkable monument from the classical age.

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